LEGO Nasa Curiosity Rover instruction

The current NASA mission to Mars all fascinates us and is already a successful story. If you haven´t followed the daily facebook or Twitter posts yet, I can only recommend them.

The  interesting and funny messages recently inspired the instruction platform to release a step by step LEGO mini model instruction which is really amazing. The Model consists of 310 LEGO bricks and its divided into 16 steps.

You can download the instruction LEGO PDF here

Have fun!

nasa-curiosity-rover-built with-lego

NASA curiosity rover built with lego

nasa-curiosity-step- by-instruction



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Funny LEGO Facts


  • The number of combinations you can build are practically endless.
    With just six 8-stud bricks you can build over 102 million combinations!
  • It is estimated there are 52 Lego bricks for every person on the planet.
  • Kids around the world spend around 5 billion hours playing with Lego.
  • The Lego Company is based out of Denmark.
  • The word Lego comes from the Danish word Leg Godt which means “play well”.
  • The world record for the largest Lego castle used 400,000 bricks.
  • Lego bricks have been used in engineering and other technical fields to do real design and science.

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How to hang up your LEGO mosaic

tesa Powerstrips®

tesa Powerstrips®

We get often asked, how to hang up the LEGO baseplate on a wall or wallpaper without damaging both the mosaic and the wall.

tesa Powerstrips®

We made good experiences with tesa Powerstrips® (Productvideo). They can be removed at any time, quickly and easily. Without tearing the wallpaper or leaving a hole in the wall. And above all, without your having to use any tools, screws, or nails. Just use one for each corner.

Velcro® hook-and-loop fastener

An other great solution is to use hook-and-loop fastener like Velcro® strips if you want to be flexible and want to use the wall for other things like a video projection.

VELCRO® brand Easy Coin is the new and innovative mated coin of the Velcro companies. It is an extremely thin closure with an attractive oval design which allows you to differentiate your product and also permits rapid application & perfect alignment.

Easy Coin by VELCRO®

Easy Coin by VELCRO®

Want to get a customized LEGO Mosaic yourself?

Go to www.brixels.net and upload your personal image





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How to build a LEGO mosaic

use a knife to align the mosaic tiles

use a knife to align the mosaic tiles

After ordering your customized LEGO Mosaik on www.brixels.net you´ve received your individual mosaic set, consisting of an instruction, the base plate and the LEGO mosaic tiles.

Ready, steady, go! Follow your instruction to put each brick to the right place. Start with field 1/1. The very top row and the first column from the left. Make sure the pieces are straight and not placed askew on the base plate.

But how do you manage to place the mosaic tiles clean onto the base plate?

The problem: The stones must plugged precisely in a row, so we can move on to the next row. If you don´t do that, you got problems with the bricks at the row below.

Our tip: Every time you have a finished a row of LEGO tiles use a flat knife or a ruler and go along the row, until all pieces are aligned straight again. So your mosaic will be quickly finished and looks clean and straight.


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Creating a custom photo mosaic with LEGOs

The perfect idea for a unique wedding gift

a Lego mosaic - the perfect wedding present

a Lego mosaic - the perfect wedding present

Recently I created a mosaic artwork for good friends, who celebrated their wedding a few weeks ago.

The idea to make a personalized mosaic out of LEGO pieces came to me when I saw the official wedding photo which was just awesome. I loved the picture and thought of rebuilding it with LEGOs being the ultimate LEGO fan.

I bought hundreds of small black, white, dark- and lightgray LEGO mosaic tiles two large base plate and began to puzzle.

After two nights and 4.608 LEGO bricks later I had created a masterpiece of modern mosaic art.



The official wedding photo

Well, what can I say. They were just overwhelmed. It was the perfect wedding present, having their personal wedding photo as an LEGO artwork.

So I decided to provide it to others by setting up this website.

How to make a photomosaic without a mosaic programm or special software.

Just go to www.brixels.net, pick your favourite format and upload your image. After entering your contact information you´ll receive several thumbnails for a quick mosaic preview within two business days.

If you like one of them we´ll prepare your personal mosaic set within two business days after money transfer.

Try it. It´s pretty easy.

» Upload an image for your custom photo mosaic now!


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