How to build a LEGO mosaic

use a knife to align the mosaic tiles

use a knife to align the mosaic tiles

After ordering your customized LEGO Mosaik on you´ve received your individual mosaic set, consisting of an instruction, the base plate and the LEGO mosaic tiles.

Ready, steady, go! Follow your instruction to put each brick to the right place. Start with field 1/1. The very top row and the first column from the left. Make sure the pieces are straight and not placed askew on the base plate.

But how do you manage to place the mosaic tiles clean onto the base plate?

The problem: The stones must plugged precisely in a row, so we can move on to the next row. If you don´t do that, you got problems with the bricks at the row below.

Our tip: Every time you have a finished a row of LEGO tiles use a flat knife or a ruler and go along the row, until all pieces are aligned straight again. So your mosaic will be quickly finished and looks clean and straight.


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